Lelia's Gardening for the Soul

Landscape designer with a special interest in nature led solutions and horticultural therapy

Lelia's Gardening for the Soul

Landscape designer with a special interest in nature led solutions and horticultural therapy


Welcome to my website where I share insight into my qualifications, aspirations and inspirations. My horticultural educational achievements began with a First Class Honours Degree in Horticultural Science from the National Botanic Gardens in Glasnevin.  I spent three years in an environment of active and academic horticultural pursuits, studying and working in an environment of horticultural excellence. In 2018 I achieved a Master of Architectural Science in Landscape Studies Degree in UCD. My college placements introduced me to the inspirational gardens of Kylemore Abbey in Connemara and Brigits Garden in Rosacahill. I learned the importance of plant selection, nutrient amelioration, soil management and overall design and planting schemes. I am passionate about plants, nature and preserving our natural environment for future generations. I recognize the importance and benefits of horticultural therapies for our wellbeing. These benefits are well documented and assist in achieving social, physical and emotional fulfillment. 

Working in Kylemore Abbey

As part of my college placement I spent five months in Kylemore Gardens.  A wonderful experience in a breathtaking place.

The ideal garden space

I believe a garden should be social, therapeutic, sensory, inclusive and educational.  It should present an extention of the house and feel like an outside room.  Historically suburban gardens were functional rather than aesthetic, a pathway to the clothes line and a strip of concrete at the back door.   I aspire to create individual, creative, meaningful spaces to encourage engagement with the outdoor space and to enjoy with family and friends.    


Sarah Galligan / Financial Consultant

Lelia Walsh Garden Design recently transformed our garden.  The design plan incorporated a  circular seating patio at the end of the garden surrounded by a raised bed of sensory planting.  The back wall was raised with barrell board to hide unsightly views. Sentimental shrubs were retained and incorporated into the planting plan.  Lighting, seating and beautiful planters framed these areas.  A semicircular water feature planted with ferns creates another focal point.  This is the dream garden of our future and we are delighted with all the hard work,  planning and results by Lelia and Ronan. We highly recommend them to create a very special garden.

Nikita Dunne/Legal Cost Accountant

Lelia designed and created our garden in 2019.  She gave us the most beautiful garden that the whole family can enjoy.  She took into consideration the needs of everyone in the family when designing the garden. She has extensive knowledge of plants, landscaping and garden management.  She listens to her clients and knows how to deliver.  I would highly recommend Lelia and feel extremely lucky to have had her design and create our garden.